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  • 24hrs Only! AVCC Dance Of Praise Ministering Alabaster Box by Shana Wilson-Williams (2) February 28, 2016

    Thank you for the out pouring of love over this video!  This video is no longer available for viewing.

  • Unity of Purpose (0) October 18, 2015

    I am sitting here  relaxing in the after glow of Sunday morning Service, letting the ministry that went forth seep into me, and listening to this song.

    It occurs to me that each of the singers have set their hearts to worship in harmony with one another, to lift the name of the Lord, and glorify him. As fabulous and wonderful as these singers are, they are using their gifts to blend. They are coming together in this song unified, for the purpose of worshiping the Lord Our God, and their unity is being used to usher in the presence of God.

    Our movement ministries should be such that God, not we ourselves, shines through. We should with our praise pave a smooth road for the presence of God to flow directly into the hearts of His people. This is what I call Unity of Purpose.

  • Evening Encouragement- Praise Dance TV Special Edition (0) October 11, 2015

    We were SUPER busy this weekend, but I would not leave you without an encouragement. So click on the Spirit Lunch Bite Tab and be encouraged

  • WORLD BALLET DAY 2015 (2) September 30, 2015

    If you had the opportunity to watch last year, you know you wont want to miss this year! Live via You Tube streaming, 5 premier ballet companies from around the world will open their virtual doors so that you can watch and participate alongside them. From master classes, to works in progress, there will be much to learn. And it all starts TONIGHT!

    Set your alarm for 7pm (They will still be going after bible study)

    World Ballet Day

  • Afternoon Encouragement New Schedule For PDTV! (0) September 28, 2015

    So If you have been enjoying Co-Founder LaShunda Smith’s Spirit Lunch Bite Afternoon Encouragements that are shared here via Periscope, you may have noticed that Fridays scopes aren’t shared until the evenings or in the case of this past Friday not at all. So to combat this problem, LaShunda has decided to do a special Afternoon Encouragement specifically for PDTV on Saturday’s! We hope this new schedule  works for you. And if they are encouraging to you and if you find something of value here on our site, share and spread the word.

    Have a beautiful and keep moving for Jesus!

  • Spirit Lunch Bite and Something Extra (0) September 18, 2015

    I am sorry for not having today’s encouragement up in a timely fashion. Honestly there was a technical glitch and I was unable to broadcast until this evening. The link has been updated and you may now view the Evening Encouragement As a bonus, I am adding This Link as well. I pray you are uplifted. Remember this weekend to go out and encourage someone else. Next broadcast will be on Monday!

  • It’s Monday And You Know What That Means! (0) September 14, 2015

    Spirit Lunch Bite is back! Each day Monday through Friday the replay link will be updated following the 12:30 live cast on Periscope. If you are watching and enjoying these encouragements, share the link and invite your friends and family to be encouraged as well. AND, since I am sharing, the song on repeat for me this week is Casey J’s  Fill Me Up (Radio Version)


  • Sorry for the Delay! (0) September 11, 2015

    Hi Guys! We goofed. The Afternoon Encouragement Spirit Lunch Bite Link has now been updated. It will still expire at 1230 PST. The next installment will be up on Monday. Go out and encourage some on this weekend. Have a Beautiful!

  • What’s New After 30 Days of Praise? (0) September 9, 2015

    Hi all and thanks for joining us for 30 Day’s of Praise! We so enjoyed sharing music from some of our favorite artists. We HAVE MORE! We will be sharing more music as we come across it and as time permits. There are several songs that we have lined up to share so be on the look out.

    Also you may have noticed we have added a new tab to our menu. Spirit Lunch Bite  Daily Monday through Friday Co-Founder LaShunda Smith does a live broadcast via Periscope that you can watch from your device or computer via the link found under the Spirit Lunch Bite Tab. The link is reset each afternoon PST and will be available for 24 hours. Spirit Lunch Bite is a short encouragement during lunch for you spirit. It is not specific to Praise Dancing but it is encouraging.

    And we are re-populating our calendar! If you are hosting or know of a Praise Dance conference, event, auditions, concert, Please let us know. We would love to add your flyer to our Conferences and Events page

    And finally we will periodically be doing Give Aways, so be on the look out for that. We want you to participate, and share, and WIN! In the past we have given away music, flags, and t-shirts, and we have other goodies lined up for you!

    I will leave you with my favorite song for this week Alabaster Box (feat. Julie Meyer)
    by Shana Wilson-Williams. Enjoy


  • Afternoon Encouragement : Spirit Lunch Bite #periscope (0) September 8, 2015

    Join Praise Dance’s Co-Founder LaShunda Smith for an Afternoon Encouragement on periscope Monday through Friday at 12:30pm Pacific Standard Time.

    1. Search for Afternoon Encouragement #spiritlunchbite on periscope Monday through Friday to catch the broadcast at 12:30pm Pacific Standard Time
    2. Watch the replay under our new tab Spirit Lunch Bite. The replay link will be updated daily Monday through Friday
    *Please Note: Periscope replays expire after 24hours. A new link will be added Monday through Friday

    We hope you enjoy this new segment of Praise Dance!

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