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  • 30 Day’s of Praise Song Winner(s) (2) September 7, 2015

    Hi Guys! We are happy to announce that Yolanda Davis is the winner of “Another Song Give Away” YAY! And since we are so grateful for those of you who entered and shared your favorite songs with us, we are giving all the participants a song! So yes that means Yolanda gets 2 songs, and you win too! You guys are awesome! Check your emails. We are sending your gift cards soon!

    Winner’s name was chosen randomly.

  • 30 Days Song Give Away (0) September 6, 2015

    It’s the last day! Enter before 12 to win your choice of a free song by commenting below. Tell us your favorite praise or worship song and the singer for a chance to win an Amazon digital song download! The winner will be announced tonight and the digital gift card will be emailed to you. Hope you win!

  • Another Song Give Away! (2) September 4, 2015

    A question came up about the giveaway. The give away allows you to choose ANY song you like. We just want to know your favorite Praise or Worship song. Ok GO!

  • 30 Days of Praise : Another Song Give Away! (1) September 4, 2015

    Hi guys! Only 3 more day left in our 30 Days of Praise, and we are doing it again! Leave a comment sharing your favorite praise or worship song and the person or group who sings it in the comment section of THIS POST, and you are entered for a chance to win a free song!

    EVERYONE is eligible even if you have won already. We want to know what you are listening to. One entry per person and you comment must be posted by 12pm Sunday to be considered.

    Winner will be chosen on Sunday EVENING  and a Digital Amazon Gift Card from us will be emailed to the email address you signed up with here.

    Hope you Win!

  • You Won! – 30 Days of Praise (0) August 26, 2015

    Sorry for the late post, things are hectic around here! This is just quick note to say, “You Won”! Yay. Thanks for you who participated in our give away, All of you who left a comment sharing your favorite praise and worship song and the artist, Won!  Check your emails this evening (the ones you registered with) for a Digital Amazon Gift Card from Praise Dance TV.

    You are awesome and we are so grateful you participated in our first Online Give Away. So which song will you get?

  • 30 Days of Praise – Win a Free Song! (2) August 25, 2015

    Enjoying the praise and worship music we are sharing during these 30 Days of Praise?
    Share your favorite praise and worship song with us (and the artist) and you could win an Amazon digital download! Winner will be selected at random, and announced at 11:58am tomorrow, Wednesday August 26, 2015! Only one entry per person please. Multiple entries will be discarded. Comment before 11:58pm, August 25, 2015 to qualify.
    Go on. Share your favorite song in the comment section.


  • Day 15 -30 Days of Praise (0) August 23, 2015

    Hi Everyone! We do so hope you are enjoying our 30 days of Praise, and are supporting these fabulous artist in their ministries. We are half way there and there is much more music to come. If you noticed the new song is posted at 12pm daily, so check in and share with your friends, fellow dancers, neighbors.. You get the idea.

    Have a Beautiful!

  • 30 Days of Praise (0) August 13, 2015

    So, if you are subscribed to Praise Dance TV dot Com, then you may have noticed we have been posting music up on the blog for the last couple of days, and guess what, we are going to keep doing it! Well um, at least for the next 26 days that is. 30 in all. 30 Days of Praise (and worship) It is our hope that you find music that ministers to you and that you may want to minister to. So enjoy!

    PSA : We are not promoters for any artist or group. When we hear something that touches us we share it with you. We link to the artist’s website when there is one, to a youtube video so you can hear the full song and best determine if it is right for you, and to Amazon so that you can find and purchase the song easily. Please support these artist by PURCHASING their music. If you want to continue to see and hear and worship to new praise music, then put your money where your heart is.

  • Prayer For Leaders via. Samantha Pedziwiatr (0) April 8, 2015

    Dear God
    I don’t know all the challenges YOUR appointed Leaders have,but YOU know EVERYTHING.
    I hear their silence.YOU hear their PRAYERS. I see their laughter YOU hear their tears.I see what they have given. YOU see what has been taken from them. I see their beautiful appearance.YOU see the scars in their souls. I experience their faith. YOU know their doubts. My Prayer for them is that YOU hear EVERY single prayer and MEET them at their need.


  • Dancing in Sin via Praise Dance Central (0) March 23, 2015

    Many of us are careful about committing “big” sins – sins that are visible or that can directly affect someone else. However without conviction we may commit “little” sins.

    We may not commit fornication, homosexuality, adultery or murder – but we have no problem watching it on TV.

    We may not prostitute ourselves, but we will sure wear shoes, clothes, and ornaments that identify with someone who does. Some of us will boldly wear outfits that scream deliberate seduction and defend it with statements such as “God looks at the heart, not our clothes” all the while being ignorant of the fact that what we manifest on the outside is a direct reflection of the heart (Mark 7:21-23).

    We may not lie, but our speech is full of exaggeration and misleading.

    We may not rob a bank, but we will steal time from our employer, someone’s idea or fail to give credit where credit is due.

    We may even do something good like contribute time and dedication to ministry, encourage folk on FB, but then neglect our families.

    These “little” sins and conformities have one mission. They are darts and wiles to keep us Dancing In Sin. Let’s learn about it and talk about it so that we can be about it!

    Praise Dance Central

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